15 Moving Hacks

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15 Moving Hacks to Move Like a Pro

1. Gather clothes on hangers in garbage bags
This way your clothes are neat and easy to carry.


2. Take Pictures before you move in
If you are renting make sure you document and know exactly how your house or apartment looked when you moved in. This way you can get your full deposit back.

3. Use your resources to compare movers in your area for the lowest price. 
A great website to do this is Unpakt.com it compares all the movers in your area for the lowest price.

4. Color code/label boxes
You can use stickers, different colored markers or really whatever you want! This way you won’t have to worry about moving boxes around once everything is in your new place.

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5. It also won’t hurt to number the boxes. 
You don’t want to loose or forget a box. By simply adding a number onto all of your boxes it will allow for more organization in a hectic situation.

6. Cut handles into the side of boxes for easy lifting. 
Also make sure to tape tape tape! Otherwise all your things inside the box could potentially fall through the other side.

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7. Pack all your necessities in a separate bag
This way if you don’t have time to unpack everything in one day (which is usually the case) you can have a separate bag for all your necessities and day to day basics.

8. Defrost your fridge at least a day before moving out
Otherwise you are going to have a very very wet and potentially moldy mess on your hands.

9. Ice cubes can take indentions out of carpets
If you have indents either in your old carpet or new one just throw a couple ice cubes on it and those will go away pretty quickly!

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10. Wrap breakables in clothing
A great way to save money and paper is by using your clothing to wrap breakables! I have found that T-shirts work best for dishes and socks for glasses and stemware.

11. Pack plates vertically
By packing plates vertically they will be less likely to break and you will be able to fit more.

(Photo Via Apartment Therapy)

12. Cover toiletries with saran wrap
This will block any hairspray, toothpaste, lotion or whatever you have from getting all over your things.

13. Press’n seal jewelry displays
By simply keeping your jewelry display intact it will save you a huge amount of time so you don’t have to untangle, rearrange and find your jewelry.

(Photo Via Cosmopolitan)

14. Start selling items you want to get rid of but are too valuable to giveaway. 
You can use sites like eBay or Craigslist, and start selling about 2 months before you move. This way you can get the best deal out there and won’t be rushed to just give it away.

15. Hire someone to watch your kids and/or pets during the move. 
Unless your super women/man then there is noway you can orchestrate an entire move and keep an eye on  your kids and pets at the same time.

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