How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

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“Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”
– Lenoardo da Vinci

1. Declutter If you don’t have a space or place for something do you really need it? Have you used it in the past year? Does it have sentimental meaning? If your answers are no for these questions, then you probably can throw it out. Really think about what you need and try to declutter to make your space seem more spacious.
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2. Less is more – when it comes to small spaces, less is definitely more. Pic a few statement pieces and decorate your room around that.
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3. High & wide curtains Large windows make a room look bigger. Even if you have small windows there are ways to make then look bigger. Make the curtains higher than the windows and wide.
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4. Mirrors create the illusion that there is more space; especially oversized mirrors.
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5. Multi-purpose pieces – when it comes to small spaces, you can’t have all the furniture you need. Desk or side table? Storage or Entertainment center? Instead you can buy pieces that have multiple functions. Like a desk that is also a side tabl, a center piece that has storage inside or a table full of drawers.

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6. Lots of light – Light creates more space. It just does. so open your windows and embrace the day.

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7. Long & tall furniture and decorations  Lean furniture and decor stretch a room out. If you can’t widen it why not heighten it?

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9. Light & neutral colors  Light and neutral colors create the illusion of space. Dark colors will make your room seem smaller than it actually is.

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10. Decorative storage boxes  Stalk decorative boxes to create side tables. This provides even more storage and less clutter.


11. Lower box spring in bedroom  this will make the room seem more spacious. With a larger box spring it takes up more space.

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12. Draw attention to ceiling  use unique light fixtures to draw the eye upward. This is elongate the room.

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