Ten Secrets to Moving From A Mover


Moving can bring a mix of emotions to a tenant. For myself, a professional mover for a few summers, it usually just brought sweat.

It also gave me a lot of knowledge in the career, stories and a whole lot more I hope to share in this article. Here are ten secrets I learned on the job.

Secret #1

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes.


A major problem when I moved people were the obscenely heavy things in large boxes. Books especially. I know they look small at first, but a stack of them can give an aneurysm if lifted the wrong way.

Secret #2

Pack personal stuff.

Personal items_Voepel

via flickr.com user Vicky and Kelley Irvin

I know us movers can pack your entire home while you’re at work, but some stuff should be packed by the client. Unmentionables, personal items, and undergarments especially. I once had to pack a bag of teeth, human teeth. I can understand if they have sentimental value, but still, I will never forget it.

Secret #3

Moving is seasonal.


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Moving companies are extremely busy in summer. It is the best time to move, but it can also be a time crunch for yourself. When you know you are moving, try and schedule with the moving company a couple of weeks, or even months, ahead.

Secret #4

Know which items should be watched.


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Some stuff movers move are huge, fragile and/or expensive. These items you need to keep a watchful eye as your movers tend to it. Professional movers will take extra precautions with a TON of moving blankets. They might even ask you to watch or tell you to be close by if there is a problem with moving it.

Secret #5

Tell us which items are problematic or broken.


If you know an item has a problem, like chipped glass or a knick in an armoire, please tell us. A good mover will look for this when walking through the house at the beginning and point it out to you before moving the item to the truck. If you are not around, the movers will take pictures of it to be sure.

Secret #6

Buy boxes for less money.

via eatdrinkandrun.com

via eatdrinkandrun.com

The moving company’s boxes are not cheap. They are nice and stack easily when bought by us, but finding them at a local grocery store or furniture store can be way cheaper or even free! That, and any moving supply will be like that.

Secret #7

Try not to follow the movers at all times.

via angieslist.com by Meredith Rizzo

via angieslist.com by Meredith Rizzo

I can understand being wary of a few valuable and personal items, but following the mover on every item can slow down the process. It actually made me more accident prone; I was worried what my next step was going to be. A good distance and a watchful eye is best.

Secret #8

Get a few quotes from every company.

via kotaku.com

via kotaku.com

All companies are different. Some have rules for ridiculous things and some have extra expenses tacked on. Usually look for reviews of companies on websites like Angie’s list. They may be the best, but they also may be expensive (which was my movie companies case).

Secret #9

Check tip policy.



Some moving companies will have a policy on tipping. Usually, you do not have to! Check online, the company I worked with had an article on it as well. This can be awesome for you, but not the mover, who sometimes do not get paid too well. Just consider how much work they do in the amount of time and how well. Always a good indicator.

Secret #10

Relax, you’re in good hands.

via usinspect.com

via usinspect.com

We know it is emotional for the tenant moving. There is always a story behind the home, the move and especially the person. The movers care, and are working to ensure all of your items get to your new home with extra precautions. The best feeling I got moving was not a tip but a great compliment on the hard work we were doing or had done. A good review means a lot.