Tips on Decluttering Your Home


Getting rid of items can be hard. It could be a shirt that holds a lot of memories, an item that Grandma gave away, or it was something that cost a lot of money. Whatever it is, it takes up space which causes clutter.

Hopefully no one has too many socks with holes in them or a desk filled with old utensils, but if they do, this guide will lead them to peace of mind and a whole lot more room.

The Kitchen


For every room of the house, have multiple trash bags handy and an idea of what needs to be gone. Start on the smaller areas to keep from being too stressed from the amount of stuff. Also, take this in increments, sitting down and doing it all will take time and may be distracting looking at each item and reminiscing about them all. Setting a timer and maybe even some music will help keep anyone on track.

Also, some items that are no longer needed can be donated! Go to a local Salvation Army, Good Will or any other donation place and give the items away other than putting them curbside. At the bottom of the blog there are a few websites on 


  • Throw away any things that are obviously trash. Boxes left open, grocery bags just being stored, etc.
  • Any food that is outdated or just not used, even the items that could be used but are not. The main culprit will be old canned goods and spices.
  • Small appliances that are collecting dust. They may be used once a year, but there are multi-use appliances like a food processor and a hand blender that can take care of multiple problems.


  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t work. It’s not getting fixed and it hasn’t worked in years. It may hold sentimental value, but there are better items out there. This goes for broken or chipped dishes and old appliances.
  • Plasticware. All of those tubs with an orange lining from years of use need to go. Now. And having too many can take over an entire cabinet.
  • Extra dishes need to be sold or trashed. I know some are given as a wedding gift or are ornate, but if they are chipped or old, they should find the curbside. The holiday dishes can stay though, those are understandable.
  • The dreaded junk drawer needs to be cleared. Get rid of all the stuff that is not used. Try and throw away half of what’s in the drawer would be best.

The Living Room


  • It is time to toss all of the old music, VHS tapes, DVDs and all other electronic media. Tons of money has been sent on these, and they can be the hardest to let go, but if they have not been watched in five years or listened to, then it is time to let them go. Check if they have some cash value, but most will not. Good news is most of the stuff can be downloaded to a computer for later and take no space at all, just digital.
  • Old magazines and newspapers are trash.  They are a fire hazard as well as junk. The material is “old news” and should be treated as such.
  • Random items strewn about need to be picked up or trashed. Pens on the end-tables, packs of gum on the armrest and multiple remotes that all need to be on one need to be organized or thrown away.
  • Torn up furniture should be replaced. This can be impractical because it would cost a small fortune, but the college sofa that has been passed down for three generations needs to go. Also coffee tables with rings on them, ottomans without legs and everything else that used to be something better. Selling them could go to the replacement as well.

The Bedroom


  • Clothing needs to be attended to! Throw away the articles of clothing that have holes that are not going to be mended. Toss the items that are too small. Anything that is ragged or barely hanging on by its threads needs to be thrown away as well.
  • The closet needs to be ravaged. Try not to make a storage room out of the bedroom. It needs to be for sleeping and getting dressed. Linens and towels need to be kept to a minimum. That 20 year old towel from mom and dad’s needs that has more than enough bleach spots could be used as a cleaning towel if torn apart, but if it is falling apart it should be thrown away.

The Bathroom


  • Clear all items from around the sink. I understand they are accessible and over used, but there is a place for each and every item.
  • Toiletries need to be consolidated. It is understandable to have a few soaps and shampoos, but not a different bottle for each and every person and each and every thing. Try to put bottles that are halfway empty into smaller bottles or just get a bottle that everyone in the household could use.

The Garage


  • Go through all of the boxes of memories. Some pictures and keepsakes were for you and others were for siblings or even children. It is time to give them these memoirs now while the house is under declutter mode. They me be extremely hard to part with, but there is a place for each item.
  • Old lawn equipment, tools, and household things like paint need to be taken care off.  Donate, toss, sell or throw away. Make sure nothing is toxic or harmful to the environment before it is chucked over the neighbor’s fence (do not do this, it is an expression).

Any other item that we missed that you know of? Please comment your ideas or response to this blog!

Here is a list of donation places in Kansas City for the stuff not needed!


Salvation Army:

Big Brothers and Big Sisters:

Disabled American Veterans: