Top 5 Local Kansas City Coffee Shops


This is a list of our favorite local cups of coffee in KC, & these heavenly brews are more than just a kick start to the day but a collection of flavors that only going out and trying will give justice.

Coffee Girls Café



Coffee Girls Café is located right next door to our office in Waldo, and we simply adore it. They bring a variety of food and drink to the table. With juices, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods, teas and their delicious coffees, this close to the neighborhood café brings quality to each of their items. We suggest the honey bear, an amazing blend of espresso, cinnamon, honey and steamed milk. Smooth and sweet!


Quay Coffee



River Market

Being in the heart of the River Market, Quay Coffee boasts and roasts some great brews. The first thing one sees though is the great atmosphere. With vaulted ceilings, brick walls and the large amounts of people enjoying their caffeine, it brings a modern-organic feel with delicious drinks.


One More Cup

onemorecup Voepel


One More Cup is one of the best cafés in our neck of the woods. With the coziness atmosphere of looking like a home, plus all of the adorable decorum, this coffee shop brings the vibrant feel of an eat-in kitchen to a café! We suggest the Curious George, featured above, which is made with Shatto banana milk and chocolate milk. Yum!


The Roasterie


Leawood, Brookside, & Downtown

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it actually is a plane. The Roasterie literally has a retro plane about to take flight atop of one of their locations, the factory specifically. This Kansas City staple has single-origin coffee beans from local farmers from Central & South America, and they are heavenly. With baked goods as well, this coffee shop makes us want to take a round trip daily to grab a cup.


Oddly Correct

oddly correct Voepel



Oddly Correct is where science meets coffee. It is not because they just use chemistry glassware in some of their works, but they use carefully measured out techniques and best practices to bring out the most in each cup of joe. They use their own beans as well. Their location on Main St. is not so much a place to study, but a place to hangout and sip on some amazing pour over coffee.