8 Back to School Tips

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Summer time is finally drawing to a close, and with it school starts again! This year, beat the hectic mornings and anxiety with a little bit of time management and our eight tips for back to school!

1. Lunches and Snacks

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This can be the most stressful of them all and is why it is at the top of our list. A last minute sack lunch or grabbing a few bucks out of your wallet for your child is the wrong way to go. It could either be an unhealthy meal or even a bit more expensive.

Buy a lunch box/ lunch containers.

Organization is key to any good thing. A plastic lunch container will keep food separate and give more options for lunch. It will also be a fridge/freezer safe option as well. Which brings me to my next point on lunch…

Pack the night before

This will relieve so much stress from the morning and it will take 15 minutes, max from your night before. Keep in mind healthy options as well and not always the leftovers from the night before, thats is more of the adult option.

Pack healthy options

Here is a website with tons of healthy food options for your child when they go back to school!

Website: www.food.com/back-to-school-lunch-box-ideas

2. Supplies

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Kids these days may not need as much as they used to, especially with laptops for the school or even iPads, but there are still some older generation teachers who like to have the students to at least have a pen.

Buy organizers, folders, and notebooks. 

Getting organized at a younger age is important. It will give ease of mind for the student and for the parent. Having a separate folder or binder for each subject or class will really help in any area of life. Sticky-notes, bookmarks, folders with pockets, multi-colored highlighters; anything that will keep one on track is needed.

Check each syllabus. 

Usually a syllabus will be handed out before a student gets to school so the supplies can be bought ahead of time. Some teachers wait for the last moment though and hand them to the class the first day of school. Stay ahead of the game and get those rare items quick, especially if it is an early assignment. Odd sized paper, certain scissors, or even notecards can be a hot commodity to the classroom.

3. Backpack

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This is an easy one to check off from the list of needs, but can be a bit pricey for those designer ones or name-brand bags. Everyone needs one, but at the same time when is it not needed or just too much?

Buy a backpack depending on workload.

Younger students will most likely have a bag that is proportionate to their size. That goes for students growing up as well. The more classes, the more paperwork and text books. Get to college, and their dorm becomes their backpack with all of those text books.

Have a backpack with some built-in organization.

Some backpacks will have three or four layers to put in schoolwork. This is great for organization; one could be for books needed for classes, one for assignments, and one for anything else. Always have the extra pocket in the front or side to store some utensils. Also, having a bottle holder can be great, but at the same time many schools do not allow water bottles in the classroom without permission.

4. Room Organization

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This not only for shoes, but for backpacks, school work, clothes and anything and everything that goes from the house to school with a student. Keeping organized and knowing where everything is is key to peace of mind and staying on top of things.

Create a space to put all shoes, backpacks, and other items for returning home.

Throwing a backpack down on the floor of a room is not the way it should be, or shoes by the doorway. Nor is shoving everything behind a closed closet door. Things are forgotten or misplaced half the time when this happens, so let’s create a place to put everything. A mud-room or a foyer would be the best option, but making a space would be so much better. Here is a website on storage ideas, especially if there are multiple children attending school.

Website: www.theorganisedhousewife.com

5. Closet

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Anything that will put clothes, shoes, or other items organized will more than help. Let’s tackle the dirty clothes on the floor and donate any of those clothes not used anymore as well. Keep that closet clean!

Hangers. Hangers. Hangers.

Keep clothes hanged up and organized by what to wear to school, seasonal wear, color options or any other way to keep them unwrinkled. Using multi-colored hangers will also keep them more organized to what to wear during the week or what not to wear.

Other storage organizers are a must.

Shoe organizers, hampers, and multi-layered hangers are amazing and will give some sanity back to those unkempt closets.

6. Breakfast

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The morning is tasking just by yourself. Add a few other mouths to feed and waking up a few hours ahead may be the only option to get everything done. Having only a few hours of sleep and four cups of coffee is not healthy for anyone though, so let’s fix that with a few tips to get breakfast on the table and more than enough sleep.

Prepare the night before.

Whatever it takes to shave some time off the next morning is a must, so things like setting the coffee to start in the morning or setting out tableware the night before will help make cleaning up even quicker.

Prepare healthier options.

It can be hard to put something together in the morning, but it is the most important meal of the day. People need nutrition no matter what it is. Cereal is the quickest option, but an egg on some toast with some spinach could easily take under 10 minutes to prepare. Here is some quick easy meals to prepare in the morning that are not the same old cereal each day!

Website: greatist.com

7. Clothing

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Buying ahead of the game, with tax free weekend and other options, is the best option. Also buying ahead of the season too; You can find super cheap winter gear at the end of winter that will still be in style!

Set out clothes for the next day.

This is a common practice that can be ignored, and with picky children it can take so many precious minutes away from the morning, especially when told they cannot wear the outfit to school. Seeing the clothes set out for the next day will eliminate discussions about what not to wear and give so much time for the morning. Just remember to check the forecast for the next day to stay protected from the elements.

8. Enjoy Back to School

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Back to school should not be stressful. With some preparation and knowledge, mornings can become easy and all school related needs will be met. Hope these tips are useful to whatever stage of life the student is, and enjoy this time in life!

Any comments or ideas not on this list? Please comment below on what you do in the morning!