Ten Kitchen Organization Ideas


We have made a short declutter blog about the kitchen before, but how about some innovative ways to really get the kitchen the way you want it. Imagine pulling out a pan without having to lift other ones or a chip clip that can easily be found in your closet. This blog will give some great organizing tips for the kitchen that needs it!

1. Pots & Pans Organization Done Right


via organizinghomelife.com

This is a must have DIY project in the kitchen. Pots and pans are usually the culprits for the loudest of noises hitting each other as you try to out them back in the right order atop of each other. This trick will help out all of those migraines. Find it here

2. Organizing Terrible Tupperware


via eatingrichly.com

Another must have in kitchen sanity. This tip will systematically fix and file all of the tupperware to where they are supposed to be. Here it is

3. Shoe Organizer Made Snack Filer


via moneysavingqueen.com

This shoe holder became a delicious snack organizer. A just buy and hang! Remember to keep those unhealthy snacks away from the bottom because of little kids. Check it out here

4. DIY Charging Station


via lilluna.com

Not really a kitchen much, but it does help when you are cooking and your phone is on low. Also makes a pretty cool speaker for your phone when charging. Here it is

5. Store Wrapping and Make it Easy Access


via askannamoseley.com

Now this is really convenient. Have some extra wall space and just stick these on 10 and 5/8″ apart. Here is how

6. Chip Clip from Your Closet


via popsugar.com

Pretty self explanatory and amazing. Cut up those hangers from the clothing store into a cheap chip clip!

7. Canned Goods Storage


via pbjstories.com

Take a magazine holder and flip it over to have a perfect storage device for canned goods! Or you could still store your magazines in there.

8. Jar Decals

Canister Collage

via thepaintedhive.net

These free printable decals are pretty handy when you have flour, powdered sugar and baking soda all next to each other unmarked. Get them here

9. Rail to Hang Cleaning Supplies


via hackthelife.net

This is easy to do and gives so much more room for under the sink. We suggest buying a cheap extendable curtain rail to put in the cabinet.

10. Magnetic Spice Rack


via hackthelife.net

Store all of your spicy needs on the side of your fridge with this inventive idea! Do not get salty though if you can’t find these at your local superstore, it may be a sweet find or buy online. (No more seasoning puns till next season, we promise).