Home Make Ready for Fall

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A cool breeze in the air, leaves are about to change and summer is about to disappear, but there is good news, fall is on its way! With it comes delicious seasonal baked goods, tons of festivals and of course this years harvest. What also comes with fall is some things that will affect your home inside and out so here is an informative blog on what to do and how to prepare.

Outside the Home

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The season brings a lot of debris in the form of leaves, but it also brings moisture and of course colder air. Here are some helpful tips to prevent damage to your home from the harmful elements.

1. Clean Gutters

Get the old debris out to let room in for the new! The earlier seasons should have left a small amount, but still there is some. Fall brings in the most so lets clean those gutters for this season!

2. Close Your Pool (if applicable)

We know not everyone has a pool, but for those who do you should cover it up. Tons of debris will be falling and of course the winter months won’t help with snow.

3. Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Home

The spring and summer, and any previous years, will have left tons of gunk and made your brick or white home lose its luster. It’s time to bring out the pressure washer and spray down the sides and walkways before winter comes.

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4. Turn Off Valves

Make sure to turn off all the valves on the exterior of the home. You do not want a broken pipe from it freezing over!

5. Check Windows

Checking your windows is extremely important for the colder months ahead! With the weather changing, the windows can warp  from the heat to the cold. Check if there are any drafts and if there are leaks when it rains. This will save you tons of money in energy.

6. Rake Leaves

This is not just a thing to keep them off your lawn, but to keep your lawn alive. The leaves can suffocate the grass beneath them so rake them up to keep your lawn not having spots next summer.

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7. Trim Dead Branches

Trimming the dead branches from the trees prevent them from coming down and causing damage in a winter storm.

8. Keep Critters Out

Animals will try to sneak their way in during the colder months to stay warm, especially the attic. To prevent this get a screen around vents that connect outside, this can be the chimney as well.

Inside the Home

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The colder months are ahead and you need to prepare yourself for winter. Here are some helpful ways to keep Jack Frost at bay and your home as warm as you want it.

1. Have Fireplace Inspected

If you have a fireplace keep it up to date. That means making sure it works, of course, but making sure that all parts of it are in order. Call a professional to be sure!

2. Wrap Pipes

Wrapping the water pipes that run along the exterior walls with heating tape can save a ton of energy and prevent them from freezing.

3. Clean & Replace Filters

Clean and replace the filters for the furnace or heating system. Have a professional look at the furnace to be sure.

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4. Check the Attic

Check the attic and make sure insulation is properly installed, this will help in energy efficiency. Also, once again, check for critters. They like to hide in the insulation to keep warm too.

5. Check Alarms

Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for the winter moths ahead. Some heaters may overheat or have problems in the house, just always make sure.

Enjoy the Change of Seasons in Our Great City!