Kansas City’s 5 Best Burger Joints

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Today is National Cheeseburger Day, so let’s celebrate by showing off five must try burger joints in Kansas City! These amazing eateries feature our office’s favorite greasy, delicious burgers, but there are so many in Kansas City that are not on this list that you have gotta try. Let’s begin this amazing showcase!



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Kansas City P&L District and Prairie Village

One of the most delicious burger places on the planet and it is in our city! With burgers made of bison, Worcestershire sauce, espresso encrusted buns and so much more additions you can make to your divine, scrumptious burger concoction, this joint is perfect! The place offers a tons of other options like the “Pig Wings.” We suggest the “Fast Cow,” the espresso encrusted, wisconsin blue cheese, caramelized onions, smoked bacon, arugula, rosemary aioli, and a wolfram’s english muffin all in one amazing burger!

Website: brgrkitchen.com

2. Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill

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Yes that is a truck disguised as a burger, and yes this is one of the best places to eat at in all of Kansas City. With reviews from The Food Network, Feast magazine, local news networks, foodies and everybody else who rates this place all saying it is the best in KC, this burger joint had to make our list. With over 30 years of fun and fantastic burgers, this place boasts a good time with trivia, movies, shuffleboards and video games. We suggest the Mini Market burger, a bit smaller than the rest, but for good reason! The others are meant for quite an appetite.

Website: westportfleamarket.com

3. Beer Kitchen


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Another Westport treasure and staple is the Beer Kitchen! This place has been dishing out greatness in Westport for a while now and of course it is not just their amazing burgers doing the trick. They have a large assortment of bottles and a lot on tap, but today is national cheeseburger day, so let’s get to that. With their premium choice of burgers, each completely different from the next, they make our list of best in KC! We suggest the “Smokestack,” smoked burnt ends, smoked gouda, whisky bbq glaze, chipotle aioli, pickle relish & crispy jalapeño straws all on a potato bun!

Website: beerkitchenkc.com

4. Char Bar


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Yes, we know it is in Westport again, but this is the center of amazing burgers in Kansas City, and Char Bar deserves to be on this list. This place is known for their BBQ and Southern style, taking the best of Kansas City’s tradition of BBQ and smoking it into a delicious burger, the way we like it. They bring a blend of Americana and good cooking to the plate, especially with our favorite the “CGBG Burger,” with house-ground smoked brisket, smoked gouda schmear, smoked bacon, caramelized onion, duke’s mayo, all atop an egg bun.

Website: charbarkc.com

5. Blanc Burgers + Bottles


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Leawood, KS

Hop across the state-line and you will find Blanc Burgers + Bottles, a delicious blend of modern and American food. It has amazing ratings and delicious eats and drinks. It may have opened in Westport, but it has now played its roots in Leawood and it keeps on serving amazing food! With it being quirky and cool, they have a clean atmosphere plus an addition of fun; where else can you order truffle fries and have them delivered in a miniature grocery cart? We suggest the “Dark Truth BBQ Burger,” smoked gouda, applewood-smoked bacon, crispy onion straw, Boulevard Dark Truth Stout BBQ sauce, all on an onion brioche bun!

Website: blancburgers.com