Fall Decorating for Your Home

Fall Decorating Voepel Property Management

Today marks the first day of Autumn, so let’s start it out right with bringing out the season in your home. This blog will have DIYs, some great items to buy and ideas that bring the most out of this year’s harvest to the house!

The Front Porchfall-front-porch-4

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The front porch is the first impression on all of the neighbors and people driving by. Here are some awesome ideas to bring out the most of your front porch!

chalk1. Chalkboard Sign

Here is an easy door hanger that should be cheap and fun! All it requires is some paint, chalk, twine, a brush, some scissors and a drill to makes some small holes to hold it up! Here is an easy infographic to make it!

Website: www.boholoco.com

2. Painted Magnolia Leaf Wreath

You can still pick some fresh leaves for this one, but if there is no Magnolia tree in your yard you can buy them online or your local crafts store. Some easy instructions for this color-explosive wreath!

Website: www.hgtv.com


3. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins

Pumpkins can get expensive, but to really dish out the harvest you got to have this seasonal icon on your stoop. Of course the one or two carved out for the holidays is fine, but to make your porch really pop add some different colors, sizes and different gourds. To keep them alive, wash them in a blend of water and bleach!

4. A Wreath

We suggest at least to get a wreath for the front door. It adds so much more than just a welcome or nothing at all. It shows that the fall season is here with an appropriate harvest for the front of your home! Making one, buying one or borrowing one from a friend, we really advise to get one!



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The entry way should really state that you mean business this season! It should add a feeling of cozy with the blend of home!


1. Vegetation

Transform vegetation into decoration with the simplicity of a few mini pumpkins, gourds, sheet moss & small round log slices. This will give your entry that instant august vibe you’re looking for.

2. Harvest in Hurricane Vases

Now this is a really easy DIY and a great signature piece to add to your home. All it takes is some green split peas, small red beans, and yellow popping corn poured into a vase over a candle! It really is simple and fun to have in the home that will be easy clean-up as well!

Website: myheartsdesireblog.com

3. Candles

Either scented or colored coordinated, candles will add that sense of autumn in your home while being not too expensive!

Living Room


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The Kitchen will finally be put to good use after all of these hot summer months and the baking will begin! Make delicious roasts and desserts to these great fall decorum!


1. Placemats and Runners

Your kitchen table is most likely the biggest piece in the kitchen and has a whole lot of room to put out decorative dishes and other autumn decorum. We suggest you buy placemats over at your local crafts store or Bed, Bath & Beyond. They will really give your own signature to the table and to your home!

2. Cake Stand

Buying one of these will keep the season in mind and the baking too! The hot summer is over and the cool breeze will keep your home temperate as you heat up the place with baked goods! There are a ton of great cakes out there, but bring some of that harvest taste to the home with a delicious carrot cake!

3. A Bit More Vegetation

It wouldn’t hurt to have it in here as well. Have some mini pumpkins left over, those wouldn’t hurt, but how about some sticks/dry vegetation in a vase to be a center piece on the table. It will symbolize the season and be a great interest piece!

Have a few ideas not listed? Comment below to give us your ideas! Have a great autumn from us at Voepel Property Management!