Tips for a Stress Free Move-in for Renter’s

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Moving into your newly rented home can be the best thing in the world to some people and the most stressful to others. These tips will help you, the prospective tenant, know important details about being a renter before moving in to keep stress at bay.

1. Ask Questions

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We’re not talking about the typical questions like bedroom size and square footage, we are referring to important things such as pet policy, late fees and property rules. We know it’s exciting when you find out you’re approved and busy planning the move, but you need to be informed. Take notes and don’t be afraid to get all your questions answered. If the leasing agent does not have all the answers, call the office and we will be happy to get those questions out to you as soon as possible.

2. Read & Re-Read the Lease

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We know that it’s an extremely long document and most of the time it doesn’t make sense. As a property management company we make it a point to go over the lease in detail with new tenants. Make sure you pay close attention to late fee charges, the utilities you’re responsible for, and how the lease can be terminated.

3. Document Everything

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When you first move into the property, we do a thorough move-in inspection. We will walk around your house and the person helping with the move-in or you can point out any issues we see and make note of it on a move-in inspection form . Make sure that you and the person moving you in sign the document and keep a copy for yourself. This document will cover you in case you are blamed for any damages that were made prior to your move. Also, if you plan on moving out of the property don’t just assume that a verbal notice is sufficient. Hand in a written notice and keep a copy for yourself. Even better, ask us to give you a letter of receipt acknowledging we received your notice. We do require a written notice when you move-out.

4. Purchase Renter’s Insurance

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This is the first thing you should do when renting a new place and it doesn’t cost much at all. This is one of the things we require and it will give you peace of mind. Say your home is broken into and a few things are stolen, renters insurance will help you recoup some of the loss. Just like car insurance, renter’s insurance is not something you should be without. It could save you lots of headaches and money.

5. Get Utility Confirmation Numbers


Per the lease agreement, you need the utilities in your name. Before you move-in we will need these so getting them should be a major priority. This is the only thing we are going to ask for you to print out and get the numbers. When you receive an approval for a property it is time to make the quick switch to your name. Try and make your move-in middle of the week because some companies won’t do anything during the weekend. Each on is different so it is hard to tell which one will or will not, the best bet is to stick to your guns and keep them all in the middle of the week, which we know can be a hassle while you’re trying to balance life.

So moving-in can and most likely will be stressful, but with these simple tips and a little planning you can make it loads easier on our side. Now if the moving company is on time and the utilities are too, that is the best. We hope your move-in goes smoothly and you enjoy your new home!