How to Clean Your Home Before Moving Out

close up of woman cleaning cooker at home kitchen

Moving out can be one of the most hectic times of your life. Piling whatever you own into a vehicle, cleaning up your house and then taking it to a different home and unpacking it all. It takes forever and can be exhausting, but this blog is intended to help you and not stress out as much! This guide will show you how to clean up your home and get it ripe and ready for when you decide to finally give up the keys!

1. Remove all Nails and Patch Holes in Home


Go throughout your home and remove all the wall hangings you have and make sure to patch up those holes. We will charge you for anything the size of a dime, so patching up everything will not leave any questions. Also remove scuff marks on walls, doors and floors throughout your home by taking a Magic Eraser and scrubbing them off! Be sure to test it first and see if it takes off the paint of your home.

2. Clean Your Kitchen


This can be one of the most daunting tasks with all of the appliances and hidden gunk, but we know it is possible to get it phenomenally clean. We already have a blog written and ready for you to see how to clean your entire kitchen step-by-step!

Here it is:

3. Clean the Bathroom


Another hard mountain to climb, but also once again doable. The bathroom can usually be easier and even cleaner that the kitchen in terms of bacteria and germs. There is actually more E. Coli in a sink than your toilet after you flush! To take the worry out of any dangerous bacteria affecting you and your family, we have a blog prepped and at the ready for you to effectively super clean that bathroom!

Here it is:

4. Clean the Living and Dining Areas

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The living room and dining room are a bit easier on you and your sanity. Clean the windows (especially if you have pets who are big enough to leave marks) and wash the blinds. Replace the bulbs and maybe even upgrade them to make the place look even brighter. The carpet needs to be spot treated and vacuumed, even a shampooing can really help liven up the carpet. For the dining room make sure to mop!

5. Sweep and Clean the Exterior


This includes any balcony, patio, and doors and removing any remaining garbage bags from the apartment. Be sure that outside lights are working. Also, put garbage cans on curb, if appropriate, for pickup!

We know moving will be a hassle and be stressful, but we hope these helpful tips will keep you from getting too much on your shoulders. We hope your new home and your move in will be a lot less crazy!