Ten Fun Ways to Decorate for Easter 2016


In a little less than 2 weeks Easter will be here! This amazing holiday usually marks the season of spring, even though it is a little early this year. Let’s celebrate this season and holiday with some decorating tips and tricks that will have your guests, co-workers and your family asking how and where they can get one!

1. Pom Pom Easter Chicks

pom-pom-chicks-in-basket-800x533via blog.consumercrafts.com

These little guys are just like our last years bunny pom pom’s, but even more adorable! You will need some materials for this craft, but it will be great for your home especially if you have kids, or in your office if you would like to be festive around your co-workers! 

To learn how to make these chicks, click here

2. Dyed Deviled Eggs

website-easter-deviled-egg-Collage-frugal-coupon-livingvia frugalcouponliving.com

An easy and delightful take on a classic are these multi-colored deviled eggs! Really all it needs is some food coloring when the whites are separated and you have a fun dish even your children would love. Bring them to the office and see them get devoured in no time!

Learn how to make them here

3. Racing Rabbitseaster-bunny-race-cars-wonderfuldiy2.jpg

via wondefuldiy.com

Take your marshmallow, Peep loving game to the next level with these NO-BAKE desserts. These are very simple to make just by looking at it, but we have a step-by-step guide on how to make these delicious drivers make to your Easter this year!

Click here for the guide

4. Carrot Rice Krispies


via frugalcouponliving.com

Okay, here is one more (for now) scrumptious looking treat. We promise to get back to the crafts, but we are sure this one will be a big hit! A great basket stuffer amongst the jelly beans that your kids will absolutely enjoy!

To learn how to make them, click here

5. Bunny Vases

DIY+Easter+Bunny+Vase copy.png

via weekendcraft.com

Have a jar that is about to be empty? Want to have a decorative piece that would be a part of your household for years to come? If you don’t have a jar laying around, go out and by some salsa and get dipping! Check out this adorable craft idea and learn how below.

Click here

6. Paint Filled Eggsad81d6d94d1a77d5bb0868ba73d3ceb7

Always wanted to go egging? Well that is illegal, but throwing eggs at a canvas is not! Get in tune with your inner Pollock and chuck a few eggs at a blank canvas to create a colorful piece of art your whole family is sure to enjoy. This is great for the little ones who can’t stand eggs and love to paint!

All you have to do is crack a few eggs eggs at the top, let the yolk come out (you can cook with them if needed or just dispose of them), and then fill the eggs with squeezable craft paint.

7. Cheetos Carrots


Now these are some delicious looking carrots! Cheetos are a beloved snack in my household and coveted by my fiancée. Let’s make Easter even better this year by grabbing our bag of Cheetos and pouring them into carrot shaped bags! 

All you need is long carrot shaped baggies, fake grass, some ribbon and any kind of cheesy flavored puff! fill the bag with the chessiness, stuff the top a bit with the grass (making sure to leave a lot of room on top), tie it off with a ribbon and voila!

8. Easter Egg Garland


via ecleticallyvintage.com

Now this is a very cute piece of garland to have during the holiday that anyone is sure to enjoy! Just make sure to buy cheap eggs you don’t plan on using anymore so they will stay a part of your mantle and not part of the Easter egg hunt!

Here is how to make them

9. Easter Egg Garland 2.0



via modgepodgerocksblog.com

Now this is a bit harder, but I do love the end product! You can also fill the balloons you start with with little treats that won’t fall through the yarn when you have the finished product. This is surely to impress your family and guests for years to come and will have people asking where do they get theirs.

To make your own, click here

10. Tie-Dye Your Eggs


via ehow.com

The traditional egg dye is something of the past. These psychedelic eggs are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. You can also check out the link below to see even more exciting way to decorate your eggs this year!

Tie Dye: ehow.com

Other Ways: sunlitspaces.com

Well we hope you found some of these ideas very useful and make a few of them for the the holiday! From all of us here at Voepel Property Management, we hope you have a “Hoppy” Easter!